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Clean hands are important,
so is the water you wash them with

So Simple,
it makes hand washing safe.

The quality of water you wash your hands in can affect everything your hand touches.
Best of all? Your hand and skin will feel amazing.

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Super Simple installation

Our filter provides you with safe water in just 2 minutes with no tools and plumbing knowledge required! Faucet fittings included.

Stop harmful chlorine in its tracks

Chlorine can cause harful reactions to your skin and give any food, or water, or a noticeable smell, and taste.

Fits most faucet types

We provide you with the adapters necessary to install on your faucet.

AWESOME PRODUCT!Finally i can brush my teeth without tasting that tap water.

Benny W.

Goodfor solves five
issues with water from the tap.

Enjoy soft skin.

Goodfor Shower Filter stops all the chemicals found in city water that cause your dry itchy dry skin.

Skip the lotion and product with our filter.

Stops bad smelling tap water.

By stoping chlorine at the source, you're left with better water without the smell and taste.

Plus, it provides water that's just better for you overall.

Provides cleaner water.

If your city water isn't running through a filter, then it could be full of harmful contaminants like chlorine, bacteria, and hard water.

This faucet filter can provide a layer of protection for your faucet.

Barrier of protection.

Our five-stage filter is made with activated carbon - the only material that filters out al 112 identified herbicides, 14 pesticides, and 32 organic contaminants.

How is that for a simple solution?

Lives up to the hype.

Our filter may look like other filters, but the 5-stages prove the difference.

Our filters are made with what actually works, and it's super easy to install in just 5 minutes.

Quality ingredients. No filler, fully safe.

Other fillers on the market use a bunch of filler ingredients and cheap materials that provide no benefit at all. They do this to market "more stages".

We found the four most impactful and beneficial ingredients to deliver you a high quality product.


The Faucet


Installs in under 5 minutes with no tools and provides you with clean water that protects you from common tap water contaminants.

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