Organic & Eco-Friendly Personal Care and Home Cleaning Products

100% Safe, natural and eco-friendly personal care and home cleaning products delivered to your door in space-saving concentrates. All of our products are hyper-allergenic and come unscented. Our natural essential oils selection allows you to customize the fragrance of each one of your cleaning products, in a safe way.

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Shower Filter - The Goodfor Company


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Filtering chlorine & heavy metals Reducing water hardness & mineral deposits Improving the health of your skin & hair

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Anti-Virus Air Filtration System - The Goodfor Company

Anti-Virus Air Filtration System$319.99

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Removing 99.7% of airborne particles and pollutants Reducing pet allergies and symptoms Improving the quality of air you breathe everyday

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5-Stage Faucet Filter - The Goodfor Company


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Reducing chlorine and other pollutants
Making drinking water taste amazing
Improving the quality of water you drink