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The only drinking water system you'll ever need.

The only Reverse Osmosis that can backup its claims.

City water can just be plain gross. This filter knows exactly what to filter out and provides you with clean water where it counts - the kitchen sink.

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Superior defence for your home

The filter protects your family from things commonly found in tap water: Sand, Limescale, Chlorine, Hard Water, Harmful Bacteria, and Contaminants.

Don't lose beneficial minerals

We now offer an Alkaline stage to our Reverse Osmosis system. This remineralizes the water, whereas competitor systems will not.

Twice the amount of clean safe water

Our system is the highest quality and most efficient on the market. It produces twice the clean water compared to other models, and 3x less waste!

Finally safe water for my family!Goodfor was very helpful through out the installation of the Puronics
softener and Reverse Osmosis system.


Goodfor solves five
issues with reverse osmosis

It's 3x more efficient.

Other Reverse Osmosis systems waste 3x more water than our system. This system is super-efficient and provides double the clean water.

Our system doesn't waste water, we use it efficiently.

Keeps beneficial minerals.

GoodFor R.O. with an Alkaline Filter assists in removing what isn't necessary and ensuring what's beneficial stays.

Alkaline Filters have been proven to assist in improving health & immunity!

Best tasting water.

GoodFor R.O. with an Alkaline Filter will run the water through a remineralization stage to restore the PH and taste.

Our R.O. system with Alkaline Filters keeps your water tasting bitter.

It's self-cleaning.

The GoodFor Ultra-Filtration stage acts as a barrier to any waterborne cysts like Cryptosporidium and Giardia, and any particulate bigger than 1/10,000 of a micron.

The Ultra-Filtration stage also self cleans the system so you don't have to.

Full drinking water protection.

Reduces the majority of dissolved solids and even decreases the majority of dissolved metals such as Lead, Copper, Cadmium, Hexavalent, and Trivalent Chromium, if present.

All water stored in a sealed and sterilized tank.

The longest-lasting system on the market.

Our high-quality system with provide you with the tasting and cleanest water you've ever had.
Reverse Osmosis works by passing water through a partially permeable membrane to filter out common toxins and pollutants that impact everything from your water's taste to your skin's moisture barrier. For this, we use a four-stage filter process.

Take a closer look at how such a simple system provides you with clean, healthy drinking water.


The Reverse
Osmosis System.

The Micromax 7000 is a superior, four-stage filter that easily mounts directly under your sink with no electricity required. Enjoy the cleanest and best tasting water you've ever had without odor-causing contaminants and heavy metals.

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