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Stop harmful shower
water in its tracks.

The smart choice,
self-care starts here.

The water you bathe in is just as important as the water you drink. Goodfor makes sure you’re providing yourself with a safe, clean environment.

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Super simple installation

Our filter provides you with safe water in 5-minutes with no tools or plumbing knowledge required! The universal ends fit most shower types!

Know exactly what’s in your water

The quality and contaminants of city water will vary with location, but by preparing for any scenario - we’ve got you covered.

Use less of the expensive hair & skincare product

Because we provide cleaner water, you won’t need to worry about dry skin or stiff brittle hair.

I LOVE THIS!!!I didn't realize that the filter would actually make this big a difference. I am
obsessed and a customer for life!

Benny W.

Goodfor solves five
issues with modern showers.

Soft, silky skin.

Goodfor Shower Filter stops all the chemicals found in city water that cause your dry itchy dry skin.

Skip the lotion and product with our filter.

Healthy, clean hair.

By stopping hard water & chemicals in its tracks, your hair isn’t bombarded with a layer of film grit and grime.

You won’t need expensive shampoo & conditioner with our filter.

Safe, clean water.

If your city water isn’t running through a filter, then it could be full of harmful contaminants like chlorine, bacteria, and hard water.

Stop bathing in funk and experience a true clean shower.

Peace of mind.

Chlorine is often used to tap water, but it often brings in a host of other problems. Showering in chlorinated water can actually be more exposure than drinking chlorinated water.

We have 8 stages of protection for your health in our filter.

Lives up to the hype.

Other shower filters are cumbersome and include in-gredients that don’t really change your water, in other words, it’s all placebo.

Our filters are made with what actually works, and it’s super easy to install in just 5 minutes.

Quality ingredients. No filler, fully safe.

Other fillers on the market use a bunch of filler ingredients and cheap materials that provide no benefit at all. They do this to market "more stages".

We found the four most impactful and beneficial ingredients to deliver you a high quality product.


The Shower


Installs in under 5 minutes with no tools and provides you with clean water that protects you from common tap water contaminants.

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