Goodfor Clean Water Packages

Goodfor removing all heavy metals, chemical, industrial and agricultural contaminants from your drinking water. I get installed under your sink and connected to a spout on your countertop.

Our 15-stage shower filter effectively reduces chlorine, hard water and heavy metal exposure, leaving you with healthier hair and skin. 

Oh, and fun fact — my technology comes from a joint venture with NASA! You’re in good company.

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Shower Filter


Transform your daily shower routine into a luxurious and rejuvenating experience. Our shower filter uses advanced filtration technology to reduce harmful contaminants, such as c...

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Anti-Virus Air Filtration System - The Goodfor Company

Anti-Virus Air Filtration System$319.99

The GoodFor Air Filter will help you breathe easier, sleep better, reduce static electricity and offer a more fresh-smelling home environment. Our Anti-Virus Air Filtration Sys...

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5-Stage Faucet Filter - The Goodfor Company


Our five-stage filter is made with activated carbon — the only material that filters out all 12 identified herbicides, 14 pesticides, and 32 organic contaminants. Want cleaner, ...