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Zero Water Filter Ready Pour
Zero Water Filter Ready Pour

Zero Water Filter Ready Pour

Have filtered, clean tasting water ready whenever you’re thirsty with ZeroWater’s water filter dispenser. This filtered water dispenser holds between 6-20 cups worth of clean, purified water, enough for your family and friends. In addition, ZeroWater's Ready-Pour® technology means you will never have to wait for water again. The water filter dispenser, along with all ZeroWater® water pitchers and dispensers, comes with a 5-stage filtration system designed to deliver pure-tasting water whenever you want.

Pros of ZeroWater Water Pitcher Filter

1) 5 Stage Filters That Reduce TDS Levels To 0

ZeroWater water filter pitcher gets rid of 99.6% of harmful by-products like herbicides present in your tap water and is NSF certified. It also removes compounds like zinc and chlorine taste via oxidation alloy which could be responsible for the metallic taste or the overall horrible smell & taste that your water has. It can filter 5 cups of water in 6 minutes while a Pur and Brita pitcher takes longer for 1 cup. So no more water bottles of water!

2) Certified to Reduce Chlorine, Lead & Chromium

Tests show exposure and consumption of high amounts of heavy metals including lead could cause brain and kidney damage, anemia, weakness, and even death. Lead is dangerous in pregnant women because it can cross the placenta barrier. It can distort the development of the fetus, especially the nervous system, causing children to be born with neurological defects and intellectual disability.

There have also been reports of these particular toxins causing irregular heartbeats, allergic reactions, mood changes, kidney and liver damages. For these reasons, it is important to test and reduce exposure to chlorine, lead and chromium 6 to almost 0. Brita does not remove any of these effectively and has a bad overall taste.

3) Comes With a Free TDS Meter

If you’re looking to test your water every time you filter it, ZeroWater water filter pitchers make it easier for consumers to verify & test the efficiency of the filters since the manufacturer provides a test meter (included in the price) to test the TDS level & purity of your water. Brita & most other brands on the market do not include this.

4) Uses Dual Bed Ion Exchange Technology

The ZeroWater pitcher uses an exchange process via ions, in water purification, it’s one of the most effective methods that removes undesirable material and replaces it with a non-objectionable or less objectionable ionic substance. It is more effective compared to simple carbon that does not get rid of every contaminant, especially dissolved inorganic substances. This makes ion tech a more efficient option to attain the purest form of water. Cheaper filters like Brtia also do this but not as effective.

5) Easy Installation & Easy to Use

There are other filters available capable of filtering tap water such as Brita water pitchers. ZeroWater has no setup cost and easy cleaning, unlike competing systems such as Reverse Osmosis (RO) that sets you back a few more dollars.