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What's Included in the Clean Water Starter Kit

Ultra-tested and loved by families everywhere, our Clean Water Starter Kit is the perfect solution for larger homes.

Keep Your Water Healthy, & Your Wallet Happy

Bundle and Save on our most effective and affordable water filtration products

Zero Water is built to be the best

  • NSF Certified to Reduce Lead, Chromium & PFOA/PFOS
  • 5-stage filtration removes virtually all dissolved solids
  • Compatible with all 5-stage water filter pitchers by ZeroWater®

Shower Filter Perfection

  • Easy to Install no tools needed
  • Dramatically reduces harmful contaminants, such as chlorine, heavy metals, chemical by-products and sediment from your water supply
  • The alkaline layer improves the pH level of water and keeps your skin soft & smooth
  • Filtering your hard water to soft water will help reduce any unwanted minerals on your scalp that lead to dehydration and irritation
  • Prevent Limescale Build-up

Faucet Filter

  • Our five-stage filter is made with activated carbon — the only material that filters out all 12 identified herbicides, 14 pesticides, and 32 organic contaminants.
  • Whether you’re washing your hands or prepping food, this quick and easy solution is five extra layers of protection between you and the toxins that lurk in your water.