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Nuvis Reverse Osmosis Replacement Filters

Nuvis Reverse Osmosis Replacement Filters


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Replacement Filters for your Nuvis Reverse Osmosis System

*Does not include Alkaline Filter

Customer Reviews

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Marlene Verdecchio

When I bought this system, reverse osmosis unit the technician said the filters last 10 years
After 2.5 years system was not working correctly so I called GoodFor and asked what’s going on. The response was I needed new filters. They said they are only good for 2-3 years.
It’s costs 289. Service fee to come out and change them. They are easy to install so I just bought the filters for 189. And installed them myself. Still not working correctly so I call again and they said I probably need to raise pressure by adding air to tank, again an easy process if you own a air pressure tool, which fortunately I do.
When I revived the filters instructions stated they need to be changed every 6 mos!!!
I paid 8k for a purification system and one reverse osmosis unit and they would not give me one maintenance call.
I thought this was outrageous being they lied about the life term on these filters.
So for 189 x 2 for the year is $378.
I can buy the water cheaper at Costco for the year.
Get everything in writing, this was a huge surprise and a big expense.
The technician was great but he lied.
I don’t like dishonesty.