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Hi. 👋 we’d like to talk to you about your water.

Did you know that the tap water you bathe in, cook with, wash your clothing and dishes in, and drink is riddled with chemicals, heavy metals, pollutants, and other nasty contaminants?

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You deserve pure, clean water.
GoodFor can give you that.

Water = life. There’s no getting around that. 60% of our bodies are water—we need it to survive. (So do our beloved four-legged friends and plants!)

But how can we survive on water that’s inundated with health hazardous chemicals, pollutants, and contaminants?

All it takes is the right water filter…

No really—it’s that simple!

We make it easy to get pure, clean, and safe water flowing from your tap with our selection of whole-home water filters and shower head filters.

All of our filters are tested, tried, and true. They’ll remove all the nasty stuff that’s hiding out in your tap to bring you and your family the cleanest water possible.

Watch video Your body.
Your health.

The Goodfor Company only promotes the highest quality products with whole-home wellness in mind.

We can just expect that these contamination issues are going to get exponentially worse.

Meet Our Shower

This is where simplicity meets efficacy. Our shower filters do what others can’t—in only 8 stages.

Experience healthier, stronger, and softer hair and skin, while saving a ton of money on products!

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Meet Our Reverse
Osmosis Filter

You can’t trust what’s flowing out of your pipes anymore—not unless you have reverse osmosis on your side.

With a reverse osmosis filter, you can finally drink or use the water from your tap worry-free. It’ll also help you eliminate those pesky plastic bottles, saving you money while helping you do your part for the environment.

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Your health and
wellness come first ☝

Here at the GoodFor Company, we only offer the highest-quality and most
beneficial products geared towards whole-home wellness.

We understand that there are some very specific things that make a water filter worth the investment. Whether it be a whole-home filtration system or shower head filter, it all comes down to the quality of the
materials used, the efficacy, the certifications, and the science behind it.
That’s why we put you and your family’s health and safety—and peace of mind—above everything else by
choosing to work with companies that have the same integrity and values as we do.



James L.

Whole-Home System

One Word - Amazing!

I would highly recommend The Goodfor Company not only because of their excellent support but due of the quality of their systems.


Donna H.

Reverse Osmosis

Extremely Happy

My family is extremely happy with our water filtration system. Our water is so soft & tastes amazing.


Laura S.

Reverse Osmosis

Great Company

We absolutely love our reverse osmosis system and water softener, that was installed. I definitely would recommend it! Great company


Benny W.

Shower Filter

Thank you!

We love the way the water feels and what it has done for our family’s skin and hair. Thank you, guys. Wish more companies operated like yours.


Liz B.

Shower Filter

Tremendous Difference

After the first 2 weeks, I noticed a tremendous difference in my skin. It’s great to get out of the shower and not need a lot of lotion, even during wintertime my skin is feeling beautifully softer than ever.


Tina C.

Reverse Osmosis

Huge Difference!

The system has made a huge difference in the health of my skin and hair. I feel way more refreshed drinking the Alkaline water from the drinking system as well. No more heartburn since it was installed!